Philosophy is a unique fishing-tackle resource for international anglers.
Our patented Tackle Wizard uses an “expert system” to automatically select the optimal tackle combination to suit an angler’s specific fishing needs.
Simply answer the “Wizard’s” questions and watch our fishing knowledge engine assemble the perfect items for your fishing trip or special angling purpose.

Partners has been designed to provide its “expert system” to create on-line tackle packages for fishing travel agents, guides, outfitters, lodges and other organizations.
We welcome inquiries from anywhere in the world about our special “Partner” program.
Call, write or e-mail us to arrange to use our specially tailored services for your web-site or organization.

Associates welcomes links and referrals from other fishing sites.
If you would like us to offer a package specially designed for your trip, lodge or fishing operation, call, write or e-mail us to prepare your package and arrange access.

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