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Peacock Bass Tying Tools Kit - for Jigs and Large Flies

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Tie Your Own Peacock Bass Jigs! This kit will provide all of the tools you need to tie your own peacock bass, payara and other large species jigs and flies. Experiment with color combinations, tying configurations, shapes and sizes. Includes the finest quality tying tools that you'll need to produce your own works of angling art;

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This kit contains:

1 x Matarelli-style Whip Finisher, standard  
1 x Standard bobbin  
1 x Bobbin threader, metal  
1 x Regal Rotary C-Clamp Vise  
1 x Dr. Slick Scissor - 4", All-Purpose, Straight Tip 

The tools selected are sized to handle the large hooks and bulky components of jigs and flies designed for catching peacock bass and other large, exotic species.  Perfect for saltwater species too!       

Click the "Download Tab" for a primer on how to tie pecock bass jigs and flies



Tie your own jig

Complete tying instructions for "Sidewinder's Peacock Bass Rattle Jig". Reprint courtesy of

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