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Peacock Bass Fly Tying Kit

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Tie Your Own Peacock Bass Flies! This kit will provide everything you need to tie about 100Flies. Experiment with color combinations, tying configurations, shapes and sizes. Includes all of the materials used to produce our famous "Sidewinder's Peacock Bass Rattle Fliess"

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Sidewinder's Peacock Bass Rattle Fly Tying kit contains:

3 x Jumbo Deer Tail, Red 

2 x Jumbo Deer Tail, Yellow
1 x Jumbo Deer Tail, Bleached White 
4 x Uni-Thread Monocord 3/0, Red, Waxed 
1 x Flashabou, 10", Silver
1 x Flashabou, 10", Gold 
4 x Zap-A-Gap CA+, 1/4 oz 
1 x Jumbo Deer Tail, Black 
1 x Jumbo Deer Tail, Olive 
1 x Fly Hooks - VMC 5/0 Extra-strong (100/pkg) 
1 x Rattles - Black (100/pkg)
1 x Nylon Monofilament - (50' pkg) 

 Cick the "Download" tab for instructions on how to tie the Peacock Rattle Fly or Jig.



Tie your own jig

Complete tying instructions for "Sidewinder's Peacock Bass Rattle Jig". Reprint courtesy of

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