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Crystal Minnow - Floating - 5/8 oz - black silver

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The Crystal Minnow with it's erratic zig-zag, side-to-side wobbling motion, is incredibly effective at attracting a variety of big-gamefish. It has a highly reflective holographic finish, is extremely durable, it has natural looking 3-D eyes, super sharp treble hooks and stainless steel split rings. 5/8 oz-5.25" F1004

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The Crystal Minnow™ Floating features a realistic wiggling action and is equally effective worked in a twitch-stop-go manner or with a steady retrieve. Floating models will dart and dive then float back up to the surface enticing fish to strike at the last moment.

The brilliant holographic laser tape finish of the Crystal Minnow™ Floating reflects all subsurface light and gives game fish a target even in murky water. The animated over-sized 3D eyes and raised molded gill plate add to the realistic appearance.