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    A broad spectrum package of peacock bass lures designed to provide complete coverage for all types of water levels and fishing conditions in the Rio Negro and Rio Madeira basins.  Can Support 2 anglers fishing together.

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    Here is the IGFA certifiable scale everyone has been raving about! The BogaGrip handles, weighs and keeps toothy fish at a safe distance. Durable stainless steel construction is almost indestructible. The Boga's jaws can rotate independently of the handle. Thus a fish can twist and turn without hurting himself or the fisherman.

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    Now with a super-strong, extra-wide gap, 6/0 hook! Equipped with a noisy rattle, this hand tied bucktail jig with pearl flash and tantalizing extended tail will get the 'big ones' attention in any water conditions. Fished like a high speed streamer, this large profile lure rapidly covers large amounts of water and probes dense structure. A must for the...

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    Tie Your Own Peacock Bass Jigs! This kit will provide everything you need to tie about 100 jigs. Experiment with color combinations, tying configurations, shapes and sizes. Includes all of the materials used to produce our famous "Sidewinder's Peacock Bass Rattle Jigs"

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