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    Get two Free!  A collection of twenty-two of the best peacock bass lures you'll ever find, with balanced quantities of assorted patterns to provide utility under any water conditions.  If you can keep the piranha off them, the package is enough for a week's worth of intense peacock bass fishing. Now, with an extra-strong 6/0 hook.

    $99.00 $110.00 -10%
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    Now with a super-strong, extra-wide gap, 6/0 hook! Equipped with a noisy rattle, this 1/2 oz. hand tied olive & white bucktail jig with tantalizing extended tail will get the 'big ones' attention, especially in lightly stained water. Fished like a high speed streamer, this large profile lure rapidly covers large amounts of water and probes dense...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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