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Carlos Heinsohn - Psuedoplatystoma fasciatum - Sorubim View larger

Carlos Heinsohn - Psuedoplatystoma fasciatum - Sorubim

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Sorubim boast an elegant pattern composed of hieroglyphic black markings on a silver gray background dorsally and stark white ventrally. The common name sorubim is used for several similarly shaped species in the genus. Body markings, typical habitat and maximum size differ. P. tigrinum is shown above. (9" by 12" print)

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Carlos R. Heinsohn is a lawyer and finance executive and an avid fly fisherman from Bogotá, Colombia. He spends much of his free time fishing, tying flies and studying the aquatic ecosystems and the fishes of the Amazon and Orinoco. Carlos assists several local, nonprofit nature conservation foundations. In 2010, he wrote El Buen Pescador (The Good Fisherman), a guide to fishing ecologically, with emphasis on Catch and Release principles. As a result of his research, he is in the process of illustrating the most representative Orinoco and Amazon gamefish.