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Power Pro - 50lb./150yd. - Moss Green View larger

Power Pro - 50lb./150yd. - Moss Green

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Innovative Textiles, the manufacturer of Power Pro Micro Filament Braided line has enhanced this product with a protective layer that will not peel off. It will glide through your guides without any effort and it will not deteriorate. It's stronger than steel, extremely versatile, and will wind effortlessly onto any reel.

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PowerPro Green Braided Fishing Line is made with 100% Spectra Fiber. Spectra is a white polyethylene 15 times stronger than steel, yet remains super-thin. PowerPro is significantly thinner, and provides less friction than traditional monofilament lines, giving the angler a serious advantage.

Green is ideal for every water types including glacial, to high run-off river systems, including oceanic regions, and everything in between. Green PowerPro is also the best option for fishing in clear lakes, as well as lakes that experience large algae blooms. Green is similar to many bio organisms therefore it will "blend-in" to the background of the typical surroundings which a fish is familiar.

PowerPro is the Premier Micro Braid fishing line that has a patented body enhancing process that enables the angler to utilize standard knots, reduces line tangle, does not damage guides, casts farther, absorbs less water, does not dig itself into your reel, is equally suitable for either spinning or casting applications, almost complete lack of stretch provides extreme sensitivity.

The difference is Enhanced Body Technology (EBT). EBT makes PowerPro the roundest, smoothest casting, easiest to use Superline on the market. Unequaled sensitivity and hook setting power let you feel the smallest strike and set the hook with confidence.

  • Spool directly from the box
  • Built-in cutter
  • Package protects the remaining line
  • Arbor tape included
  • Color of cartridge matches line color